I'm a 43 year old mom with three kids, a demented house kaiju (cat) and a great spouse, I love DND, Art, and writing, and drawing.

 I mostly draw for fun, but have been known to take comissions, and I'm currently working on an fantasy novel called the Fox Eater. (Wish me luck!)


My art is mostly found:


and I have a Toyhou.se



I also have twitter @NightKnitting but that's mostly me being snarky or talking about book stuff.



Commissions: (See Sale folder in Toyhou.se)

Trades: Case by Case

Collaborations: Friends/Case ny Case

Requests: Closed

Roleplay: Tentatively Open

Gifts for Me: If you want to, than please! I'm open to questions about them!

Characters for Sale/Trade:  None that I have on site but I do have some up for grabs: https://toyhou.se/NightgauntKnits/characters/folder:412538



About The Fox Eater:

 If you want to see my 'pitch', check my pinned post on Twitter.

 I also have the first chapter (in first draft so far) on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Xaotl

 More chapters will be added if anyone is interested, and it's available on the lowest tier.

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