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She/Her - They/Them


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Heya! I'm Acceril (Acce/Ace or Ceril for short <3)

I'm mainly a graphic artist who draws birbs and humanoids!

I've started on my very own comic centered around Draco Stryx, and it's currently my dream to push it to completion (it's planned to be very long though, so we'll see how it goes asjdhb)

I enjoy sports and musicals!! Please shout at me about volleyball or Starkid because I will scream back!!!

Also I'm on Animal Crossing, but my island is very babey right now and I'm spending all of my bells on clothing.


Are Your Commissions Open?

Not currently!! Not only do I have a queue to keep up with and a comic to start, but I also need to heavily review my commission prices! The plan is to create prices based on how long a certain commission will take me, and basing the prices on (at least) a minimum hourly wage! This, however, takes a lot of time and a lot of examples, but I'm hoping to at least get the basics down before I open my commissions again.


When Will the Comic Come Out?


To be honest, it was meant to come out in January of 2019, but I just,,,, couldn't start it up.

I've restarted the Prologue to it about half a dozen or so times, and I've only recently come up with a format and starting point that I enjoy (even if it strays from the original script). I'm trying to at least start it during this year (2020!). We will see how that goes.