Hello all, somehow youve wandered to my PD profile, so I figure Ill tell you a few things about me, Allison.

I have many nicknames, but one in particular, Momo, seems to be catching on immensely.

I love anime and manga(duh), music, the internet, reading, drawing and writing (duh again), and many other things including animals :P

Im 15 years old, hate wearing my glasses, and try to be unique as possible  ^_^

I do take commissions, in case anyone is ever interested, but I kinda doubt anyone ever will be :P At least not until my art improves..

Im also a Jr Mod, so if your new here and need a question answered, just PM me. Or, new here or not, if you just want a new friend, IM or PM me and well see how it goes :D

:hug: Hugs for All.

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  • Cover for Slipping Through My Fingers

    Slipping Through My Fingers

    Poem of losing someone to suicide.

  • Cover for Yesterday


    A short poem that I wrote 01/04/06, lost, then found again the first week of July. Unfortunatly I cant remember what I was feeling/going through when I wrote it, but I can tell that this poem is about my deep feelings at the time. Hope you enjoy!

  • Cover for Violation


    This poem was originally written for a 'Nightmare Poem' contest on DA. Unfortuantly, I didnt win, but that may have been because my poem wasnt a nightmare; the things in this poem can become very very real. Hope ya like, its one of my favorites ^-^

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