I'm a DBZ/Noir writer. DBZ used to be my big fandom, but Noir has since taken over. Most of the stories I write nowadays are shoujo-ai and "what-ifs".

I am currently rewatching all of Dragon Ball/Z/GT, starting with Dragon Ball, so I'll start working on my DBZ stories again after I finish the rewatch.

Watched: Dragon Ball 38/155; 3/6 movies; 0/2 specials.

My favorite pairings are:
Kimberly/Tommy (Power Rangers)
Trevor/Sypha (Castlevania 3)
Molly/Neflite (Sailor Moon)
Bulma/Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)
Mireille/Kirika (Noir)
Kirika/Chloe (Noir)

I also have fanfiction at Mediaminer, Shoujoai.com, Deviant Hearts, AdultFanFiction.net, and OTW, under the same name.

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