So, I just started writing again and finally decided to post some of what i write... and just kind of stumbled over this page and here I am.


About me then, I'm a person who enjoy spending time in my own head a bit too much. That's what my friends tell me anyway. I'm inclined to agree to a certain degree. Can't count the times I've missed my stop on the bus because i was too caught up in my own thoughts.

Mostly I try to use my superpowers for good, but sometimes it's just too tempting to bullshit your way through an assignment instead of actually study and know what you're talking about.

So, what do I write? I write a little bit of everything. I started out writing childrens stories about ten years ago when I was bored in class. I'm currently in the process of translating some of my writing into english, but it's taking time and life has a tendency to get in the way.


If you like my writing, drop me a line. If you don't like my writing, please drop me a line anyway and tell me how I can improve.


Much love and caffeine highs


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