• Naming Systems

    Oct 26, 2021, 5:13:41 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

    In order to keep all the Stryx grouped within their flocks, they each have a "flock name" attached to the start of their name.  This is made from the initials of their Rider's name.

    The Flocks

    • BL - Buck Lop-Ear.  A Stryx rehabilitation expert who mostly keeps Tytos.
    • CG - Corey Gihl.  A disabled veteran who largely prefers the massive flying breeds like Gryphs and Harpias.
    • LS - Lazarus (and Eliza) Scalehide.  Two farmer cousins who mostly keep Runners.
    • RD - Red Dawn and Red Dusk.  A flock of wild Stryx led by the two aforementioned partners.
    • SM - Shadow Moonpaw.  Mother's ally, who largely abides by what the great wyvern desires of him.
    • SR - Serena Raptoris.  A nomad who specialises in the care of Chiros and other mammalian breeds.
    • XX - Xylis Xanaphar.  An emmissary of Nokt who only rides Stryx of exceptional aptitude.

    More info TBA