Okay, so suddenly I've become obsessed with Voldemort. Specifically, giving Voldemort more humane qualities.  Givin' the man some (muchneeded) love.
Other things I'm obsessed with? Barenaked Ladies. I will be going to the concert on the first of December. And then I'll type all about it here. I'm also obsessed with my website, with HtmL/CSS, and computers...and writing. I'm absolutly, positivly obsessed with writing.
I love to write. And role play. And type. Oh, Artemis, I adore typing. My Thesaurus is my friend. -eyes flick toward Roget's International Thesaurus. Fourth Edition. Which is next to Webster's New World Compact School and Office Dictionary. Which is next to...um...nevermind-
Anyone who "hangs" with me knows I tend to get long winded. I talk too much, and I type too much. At times I have too much to say, other times I don't have enough.

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  • Cover for The Naming of Lord Voldemort

    The Naming of Lord Voldemort

    It's not terribly long, highlighting how Riddle came to his evil name. Possibly the first Voldemort fan-fic I've posted, but not the first I've written. Just the better of them.

  • Cover for The Assignment: The Jungle

    The Assignment: The Jungle

    So, I have this club called Quills; it's a creative writing club, where we get assignments and we have to write things that follow said assignment. The people there pretty much rock, but that's beside the point. Anyways, this is one of the assignments, which is due next Friday. I'd love to have your comments on it, along with your critiques; hack away at it as much as you would like. By the way: the assignment was to write at least one page's worth of a story, then write the same story in another preception.

  • Cover for But Wait! There's More!

    But Wait! There's More!

    I went on a cruise around the WWW, found a Manga pic I liked, gave it a name, threw out a random title, and gave you this. Enjoy!

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