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    Austin's Story

    Austin was originally an experiment to see if human biology and physiology could handle powers of insane proportions. He was genetically coded and his mother was artificially inseminated. Satra died shortly after Austin's birth, leaving him a crystal with her memories vital to his survival and growth. Austin was raised by an alien cyborg known as Talkerok. After Austin turned 14, Talkerok's cybernetics failed him, and he died, Austin was then left to explore the universe with his good friend, an Astralin called Glitch. Around Austin's 16th birthday, he came in contact with the man responsible for Austin's creation, Gause Terlon. His "father" was very mentally unstable. During an argument between Glitch and Gause, Austin's emotions got the best of him and he tried to stop the fight, releasing his latent elemental ability, something he called "Dark Earth". It was extremely exhausting the first few times he used it, but the power grew steadily less energy consuming and more and more "potent" or stronger as some might say. After about a year, on Austin's 17th birthday he discovered the existence of portals, pyramid-shaped objects able to transport a being or object to a world or place. Austin's talisman, (his memory crystal) gained small triangular badges for each portal he traveled through. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where our story begins, a collection of Austin's travels through portals to fantastic and terrifying worlds.

    Last updated Jun 14, 2021
    Total Chapters 1
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    Space Engineers, Aurus' secret

    A group of teenager friends must gather up allies to keep the PirateX Expansion Group from releasing a deadly parasite. Admiral V'dam must choose weather or not the PirateX is the right place for him.

    Last updated Jun 8, 2021
    Total Chapters 8