A Short Story

Once upon a time Bambi the deer was frolicking in the meadow happily. Then along came Godzilla who stepped on the deer getting an antler stuck in his foot. After many trips to the doctor the antler was finely removed. Though Godzilla still has to see his therapies regularly, we are proud to announce that he will stick to only stomping Tokyo from this point on. The prince then married the princess and everyone lived happily ever after. *Sniff* That part always brings tears to my eyes.

Art Trades

I love doing art trades. Hence why I joined the Art Traders club. If you would like to do an art trade with me just ask. Most likely I will say yes unless I already have too much to do.


I've done a few of them now. None that I've been given permission to put up on SA but ah well. I put a lot of effort into my commissions all of them turning out better then most of my shown art *sigh* go figure...

One Character:
Black and White (Digital): $5
Black and White (Hard Copy): $8
Colour (Digital): $10
Colour (Hard Copy): $12

Two Characters:
It will cost the full price and a half for two characters and keeps going up by a half for more.

Note that depending on how complicated the picture is the price may go up. However if I feel that the picture is very simple the price may go down. Also if I like the picture I may add more to it for free.

Also note that all images are down digitally but I can mail you the sketches but you must pay the postage fee.


I will take a request every now and then. Depends if I like what you want me to draw or not. Also depends on how much time I have free.

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