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Requests (Closed due to Overflow)


  1. Eturnalsuzululu –Rapture code geass fancomic (grayscale) [wip]
  2. Draketheflake –WOW Raiders Fancomic (Manga)
  3. PsychoBob –Psycotic priest with Fleur de Lei Patch artistic freedom Granted
  4. MayMei –Liroo (Lion kangaroo) Prince Aikka giving Jordan wolf a shiner colored “;) you know from what episode make the bow how you see fit” (color)
  5. MayMei –combine liroo/kangroomouse and frendly pic.



  1. Diamond Inuyahsa - Anderson-
  2. Drake Flare- Picture of his red dragon drake- Made as IMVU sticker
  3. LelouchDragon-Youre GrandfFantasia Sage Marvelized-
  4. EturnalSuzululu -series fo funn shouenai Code Geass jokes Suzululu of course- 3 IMVU stickers
  5. DoomVoidmaker-saved for later date-




1.Chidder Character Concepts

  • Brother Michel Patros
  • Father Gabreal woodsworth
  • Pope Alexandra (Alex) Innocence the 1st
  • Sister  Hanno-bi Watteau



  1. Crystal Rain: chapters 2 & 3 [wip]
  2. Lapius: a radom Monochrome Factor fanfiction oneshot



  1. Drassari Legacy: Dizzt comic ( B&W) [wip]
  2. Lodias Blossom: A Kingdom hearts fancomic its the story of Kingdom hearts with a twist, sora is a chick . -requested-
  3. DemonHunter 101: GF mimicom series adventures of Soka and Deadly -kicks-
  4. Ranma Water: GB history A how to gender bend -Vics chosen by request (you get to decide how they turn anyhow-
  5. D grey meets Dante: a GB gag Crossover fancomic between D grey man and Devil may cry.


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