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Hey, I don't have much to say...  I'm mostly engrosed in school to do too much art and writing, but whenever I get the chance I try to post something of merit.  I kinda started hating our scanner, so I haven't felt like scanning new images for the last...year or two...

The only thing that I currently work on is a fan-fiction based on Halo.  If you don't like Halo or don't play video games, you could still give it a look over, it is more a parallel story kinda thing than just reworking the original plotline.  But enough shameless advertising...

Admittedly, I've never been too good at the whole online community thing, so my attendance here is sporadic at best, but I do love to see feedback on any of my work, and I try to give reviews out to other people.

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  • Cover for The Proto-Spartan Project

    The Proto-Spartan Project

    A series based in the Halo universe. Set roughly a week before the games, the story follows a squad of special forces marines, whom, overshadowed by the more successful Spartans, have been regulated to crap jobs while the Spartans save Earth

  • Cover for The Chatroom

    The Chatroom

    Basically, an online chatroom with references to the Matrix, Red vs. Blue, Halo, World of Warcraft, and other such things. Multi part series of humor and basic stupidity. Thanks for over 150 views... especially if you liked it!

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