Name: Se-Kyoung Kim
Alias: Lilbang
Age: 17
Nationality: Korean
Live: United States
Likes: Art, food, games, music manga and myself ;D
Dislike: Stuck-up, yaoi/yuri and  tomatoes ;[

Just like everyone here on PD, I love art and anime. So i'm just chilling here to discuss about art in general xD

If I have to say, i'm definately a Yu Yu Hakusho and a Rurouni Kenshin Fan. Talk to me if you're a fan of them too xD Haha~ Anyway, I also like other manga and anime but that'll take to long to list xD

I listen to all kind of music; whether it's rap, rock, r&b, country and etc. My favorite genre is trance (aka techno) I just love the beat and the shiver-like voice ;]

yea, I dislike Yaoi and Yuri but I won't talk shiet about it. I'm pretty neutral. :-l

Talk to me at "" xD Ah nyung ke se yo~

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