About my files

May 14, 2016, 4:31:16 PM | 4 min read

First and formost "The fandom trash files" are my observation of myself and not the fandom/s as a whole. I plan on posting primiarly Fanwork here although some OC's might slip in with the fanart. My files will be my way of documenting my own view points as I go though this fangirl metamorphosis so first and formost what is "trash" urban dictionary has this to say "When your entire reason of existing is a certain thing, you are ____ trash. More obsessed than a fan" Fandom trash goes into it a bit more "an individual undergoing an unhealthy obsession with a fandom in which his/her top priority in life is to consume and/or produce fanworks that refer to the fandom in focus, often without much regard to the fanwork's actual relevance. When using this term, replace "fandom" in "fandom trash" with the actual fandom."  For months now I've down right hated that term, while many see it as harmless fun (which I should note it can be) I've seen it as derogatory. Even now saying "The fandom trash files" makes me feel like I'm lowering my sense of self to just what I like and my online persona and life as if that is all there is. That is part of the reason I want to document both the emotional, physical, and outside view point of myself in regards to all this

So first a bit about me or more spicifically anime and me.

Anime and I have a long history. Back in 3rd grade I watched TV dub broadcast of pokemon, cardcaptors sakura, digimon Adventure, Tenchi muyo, Tenchi universe, Tenchi in Tyoko, digimon 02, digimon tamers, yu-gi-oh, Naruto, Yu yu hakusho, this went on from third grade till 11th or 12th grade. I was animegirl4ever and animegirl4ever09189 on many websites, fourms, and such. I was anime girl and I thought I always would be. Once it went off air or moved to time slots I could no longer fallow I watched it here and there princess tutu, code geass, Ghost hunt, xxxholic, Shiki, Pulla magi modoka magica, Sailor moon Crystle,daybreak illusions, Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Selector Infected Wixoss  and even starting then dropping or unfinishing some anime like Soward art online, nahno lyrica, outlaw star,Selector spread Wixoss but while I watched and enjoyed it never felt like I was animegirl the same way. I watched more live action and anime inspired shows, I watched more cartoons and read more comics I driffted away from anime and manga I started seeing the user name as my past, childish, and needing something new and less “untrue” purplewolf91212 and ghostlygoth98 and other such non “anime” names I named myself on sites. It hasn't been till recently after Watching FLCL feeling the need to watch it. While my love of anime never really went away it dwindled but after watching FLCL it's come back in full force and I have a line up of anime to view and its all thanks to vispa girl :3

Live action shows are a bit less complex I currently watch Once upon a time, Supergirl, NCIS, NCIS new orlands, the Goldburgers, Face off, Catfish, MTV suspect, DC ledgends of tomarow, Doctor who, My cat from hell, and prior I've watched Firefly, Defiance, sleepy hallow, too cute, tiny house hunters, house hunters, house hunters international, what not to wear, love lust or run,

Cartoons I watch bobs burger, Steven universe, and my little pony prior I used to watch Adventure time, cat dog, rugrats, ahh real monsters, avatar the last airbender, ledgend of korra, and much much more.

Comics, manga, and books are a bit to long to list in this post alone and will be its own post under the "FANDOMS" post I plan on making

So there is your intro to me, my likes, and my blog post.