NetFlicks and insanity 6.1.16

Jun 1, 2016, 3:04:07 PM | 3 min read

25 pages into the 98 page book that is life, or perhaps 25 chapters who knows. I'm aware of the wrongs I've done though the last five years and five months and I'm sorry for that. I'm young and old, wise and stupid, growing, a muture fan and fangirl all in one. Now on to the post.


  1. remember those stories I was gonna write? Well......The summer has gotten away from me and its only the first day. My dad wants me to job hunt and apply to as many places as possible before July 4th, I also want to have found a plane ticket to go to texas before July 4th as well, Throw in the return of an old OC and those stories don't hold the alure they did. I'd much rather work and rework on my OC rather then some fandom thing.

    TLDR: No Danny phantom fanfics coming soon

  2. I'm sorry if I unwatched you I accidently unwatched people in my massive late night unwatching that I didn't mean to and I'm sorry for that ^^; some people I meant too because they drew DP art others I didn't and others I did for not reconizing their username ^^;

  3. I also blocked M's Sister on Facebook and unwatched most Danny phantom artists. It's not that I don't like their work or the fandom but I relate all Danny phantom good or bad to Her. As such out of sight out of mind. I've decided to give over Power puff girls, Danny phantom, Max goof, and the first DIC dub of sailor moon to her meaning I won't go near those shows or fandoms anymore

    TLDR: No more drama, I'm staying away from things she likes and sticking with my own likes

  4. :icondannyphantomph: and :iconblackbutler136: The pictures I want to draw of you are coming I attempted to draw them but they came out so horrible that if I posted them you'd think I was insulting or mocking you so I decided to never let them see the light of the internet and have you just wait a bit longer I'm sorry

  5. Look here: This is my summer plans short and sweet

  6. I will be writing a story over the summer it will just be my OC's story is all I'm going to be diving hevealy back into my OC world and remaking it this summer