I mostly write short stories and draw in graphite, I am trying to get better and would love to hear feedback!

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  • Cover for Growing up in NH

    Growing up in NH

    A fictional story I wrote for a scholarship that ad to be about the state I live in, New Hampshire. We currently have a huge heroine problem, so I wrote about a high school girl who is like a mother to her siblings since her real mother works to pay for her father's heroine addiction. I won because it was different from the others I guess.

  • Cover for Ghosts and Demons

    Ghosts and Demons

    A story I wrote for creepypasta, loosely based in real life events I experienced. About a girl and her sixth sense and the consequences that come with it.

  • Cover for In The Asylum

    In The Asylum

    just something I thought was kinda fun that I wrote for a class

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