Hey I'm suzie.  I'm 20 years old and currently saving like hell to go do some study next year :D

I draw.  I love to create characters and design outfits for them.  I also like to draw characters from the stories I write.  Currently I'm working on my first ever comic which once I can I will post along with tones of other stuff.

I write.  Love to write fantasy,romance,adventure,magic,myth and all sorts in one.  Some are completely made up others use places I know or based of friends :) 

I sew.  I make plushies.  I decided I loved them so much that I wanted to make them so that I could make my own characters or characters like Card Captor Sakura that are just so rare here in NZ.  Also I make costumes (when I can time and money wise) keep an eye out I have a few I'm trying to sell :)

I take commissions both art wise and plushie wise

To find out about my commissions go check out my DA page http://magicalgirlsakura.deviantart.com :)

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  • Art Commissions

    Nov 22, 2008, 11:29:09 PM | 1 min read
    I will be doing art commissions seeing as it is getting into the festive season my new job only gets me 15 hours a week anyway Full body or part body line art (traditonal or digital) = NZ$4 Full
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