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Name: Brandi (Monti)
Age: 21
Interests: Mythology (any kind but I really like Celtic and Japanese), fanfiction, writing/reading, animated movies, and ancient history.

Profession: Currently going to school, hoping to become a Graphic Designer or Illustrator and work on my own personal Comic/Graphic Novel ideas on the side.

City: Milwaukee. I was born and raised entirely in the state of Wisconsin but I moved around a few times.

Why I use DA: I have a few accounts on other sites similar to this and I like the exposure it offers, the ability to build relationships within the art community, and the peer feedback.

Commissions: Yes, I take them. Prices vary depending on size and whether the commissioner wants the original, and electronic copy, or a matted print of the commissioned work.

They start at 10$ for a 5x7

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