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Abraxas (aka Ren aka Snovelor)
- Currently a mod at the IYFG
- Formerly the undictator of the TCATGR

(My Naraku avatar is the work of Cyperion.)

Let me try something new and different. Instead of talking about myself...what do others have to say about me? And instead of have I been flamed over the years? Oh, this will be fun!

An Abraxas story without pointless or plotless gay sex, forced rape, torture, masochism, incest, bondage and domination, or bestiality. I’m slightly impressed; but only just.

If it was up to you, Abraxas, you would put Tygra and Lion-O together. So you don't get a say.

dont let anyone lie to you, it wasn't funny at all. not even with a warped sense of humor was it near funny. it made me want to toss the pc out my window. a funny story makes you laugh not gawk and wonder what the f the author was thinking by writing such trash.

What is wrong with MY kouga?! All guys do in life is learn weird and horny acts and you, you made him look like an idiot! and it was so sad and demented and bty kagome would never give out sex advice or instructions for that matter! Have you ever aactually watched the damn show or what?!

o.O I give you points for originality. But good Lord... this was intended as crack, right? If not and you truly are a mod at IYFG... the last shred of me taking that place seriously has just gone down the toilet. With some of Sesshomaru's child "gerbils". At least that's what I could tell, as your description of his "fetish" is lacking in some key areas. Essentially Sessomaru gets his rocks off by shoving children up his a? That's hilarious.

There's dark and psychologically thrilling and disturbing, and then there's just gross, bizarre and comical.

You are one twisted individual, you know that? I read your Thundercat fic a long time ago and it still haunts me. You ever consider therapy? Stuff like this doesn't come from nowhere, it always has a seed in reality. Are you capable of anything that DOESN'T involve mutilation and Bride of the Re-animator stuff?

WTMF is this crazy disgusting s?! I don't care if it's a comedy, so you put, it is morally disturbing and makes me want to vomit all over my computer screen and put acid in my eyes so I no longer have to see this kind of sick s again! Love and peace to ya!

P.S. I wish fluffy was real and read this so he could decapitate your mucked up head! Your ugly and your momma dresses you funny, you smelly antelope! Peace out!

The storyine they have for the darker series - from what it sounds like - will be much more defined and better researched/written than any of Abraxas's stories ever were. These folks are experienced, professional comic book writers, after all - you'll have to admit there's just no comparison between professionalism and amateurism. ;)

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