I am a writer. I can't profess to be a good writer but nevertheless, I am a writer. I update quite rarely as I've gotten back into the university recently and I work as a typist at a consulting firm.

I RP a lot and I very much enjoy original characters, FFVII, Samurai Champloo, and cheese.

Feel free to PM me; I don't bite much.

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  • Cover for Smoky Little Rituals

    Smoky Little Rituals

    Originally non-fiction but it fits several of my characters very well. I rather like this piece and feel it's one of my best shorts.

  • Cover for Hair: The OTP

    Hair: The OTP

    eah. I stayed up way too late, then mercale had a fic with these two and my sleep depped brain started free-associating. o.o And I TOTALLY TAKE THIS TO BE A GREAT WORK OF LITERATURE... Did I mention this was my submission for April Fools Day on Y? :D

  • Cover for The Northern Wind

    The Northern Wind

    This is a world that might have once been like ours, but that doesn’t really matter now. The Great Cities fell in a night and things from nightmare and legend poured forth into the world. Many generations later, there is hope that the world might recover, but only if all the pieces fall into place. As such, this is a collection of short-stories, each complete by in itself, but fitting into an over-arching story.

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