Hello, I commonly go by the name Evanlysis. I'm a 25 year old freelance artist who also works as a game product tester in a gaming peripheral company. I draw mostly for leisure and to entertain people with my comics. Not to say I'm not serious about my art, art isn't the main focus of my career but I do enjoy pumping out arts as a hobby and to make people laugh.


Direct art gallery: Link.


9P9et.png Interests Xi552.png

Hobbies: Drawing, swimming, gaming, reading, watching cartoons/anime.

Likes: Cats, art, illustrations, scorpions, survival horror games, MMORPGs, horror movies, manga/anime/comics.

Favorite games: Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Killer 7, No More Heroes, Persona series, WoW, SWTOR, Guild Wars.

Favorite anime/manga/comics: Sandman series, BLAME!, Berserk, Kurosagi Corpse Delivery, MPD Psycho, Parasyte, Level E, Kaji, Tiger and Bunny, Monster.


l2fT6.png Commission Information EyJMw.png

Status: CLOSED.

Please send your commission requests to [email protected]  with your request information, e.g. references, descriptions, poses, etc. I will respond as soon as possible!

Sketches (w/ greyscale shading)

Bust: USD$7
(+USD$3 for extra character)

Waist-up: USD$10
(+USD$5 for extra character)

Full body: USD$12
(+USD$8 for extra character)

Detailed clothing/armor, regardless of commission type (+USD$5)

Links to samples: [X]  [X]  [X]  [X]  [X]


Full color

Bust: USD$15
(+USD$10 for extra character)

Waist-up: USD$18
(+USD$12 for extra character)

Full body: Closed for now since it's time consuming for me to draw full bodies.

Super detailed clothing/armor, regardless of commission type (+USD$10)

Full Color Chibi: USD$10 (Sample: [X] )
(+USD$5 for extra character)

Links to samples:  [X]  [X]  [X]  [X]  [X]

Disclaimer: I reserve rights to decline certain commission requests if I feel that I do not have the capability to draw it or the circumstances to do. I also can't draw porn and sexual content, I apologize. I'm okay with violence and gore. 

All sprite art in my profile/sigs are done by Teppan & Hollowlaughter.
All artworks in my gallery are copyrighted to Evanlysis/Ravengrave. Please do not post them elsewhere without permission. Feel free to contact me to ask for permission to use my images.

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