name: Whisper (yes, that's realleh meh name)

location: California

age:15 yo ;D

occupation: highschool freshman or to make it simple so you guys dont have to work your brain, 9TH GRADE ;D (too young to get a job ;__; year, next year)

race:mexican/american (although i'm a failure to all mexicans in the world...i...don't know how to speak spanish...and...people say i look white/asian 0__0)

fav. bands: girugamesh, phantasmagoria, dir en grey, an cafe, gazette, alice nine, the candy spooky theatre, maximum the hormone...(all japanese vk bands except for mth ;D)

Free Image Hosting at <--Dir en grey, i went to their inward screams concert and omg...i was fucking blown away, maybe it was because i was right in the pitt and the dam speakers were blowing at me with all their ferocity ~blowing ;3~

Free Image Hosting at <-- An Cafe (also known as Antikku or Antique Cafe) fucking love that band man >w<

fav singers: se7en, hitomi, Yamapi, snoop dogg, fergie, nelly furtado, hitomi shimatani, utada hikaru...i don't really listen to american music anymore. i don't really like r&b or hip-hop, but as long as it has a good up-tempo beat then i'm all good :) i mostly listen to japanese hard rock and recently im getting into korean music :3
Free Image Hosting at <---*If I were a guy, I'd fuck him senseless* this is Ruki from the band Gazette by the way :3

fav manga: tenshi ja nai, vampire night, absolute boyfriend, inuyasha, fushigi yugi:genbu kaiden, meru puri, d.gray-man, deathnote (friggin' lurve this manga 0__0), good morning call, chocolat, category freaks, ouran high school host club, penguin revolution, infinity, full moon wo sogashite, neck and neck, the devil does exist, mugen spiral, ranma 1/2, samurai champloo, i love halloween, mars, DOUJINSHI ON DEATHNOTE, INUYASHA, NARUTO, FMA and mahou sensei negima!!

interesting fact: i have a hair fetish. 0__o...long hair on guys is sooo ...orgasmic...o__0

about meh: i have a perverted mind...seriously. don't even say the word "come" around me or i'll start laughing hysterically while using my finger to act like a penor ;3, but i'm funny like that ;D i lurve yaoi, man...i lurve it and shounen-ai...0__0 i like all them pretteh boys. i'm a very morbid person and i'm really into visual obsessed. my iPod is filled with nothing but j-rock. i absolutely love to draw( if u wanna' see some of meh drawings, just type in ) !! and lurve ta' write, read and most importantly sing! i guess you could say i'm multi-talented ;D i dress very strangley, mostly in gothic lolita styles and i am a very odd person...very odd indeed 0__o.

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  • Cover for Older Than Me, Younger Than You

    Older Than Me, Younger Than You

    9 yr. old Rey discovers love for the first time.When a boy with black nailpolish and an emo haircut moves in next door, trouble ensues. He&#39;s arrogant, distant, freaky and 4 years older! How could you fall in love with him? Let alone he her. R&#38;R please!

  • Cover for Doll&#39;s Resemblance

    Doll&#39;s Resemblance

    kagome higurashi: 16, regular school girl and owner of a possesed doll. what would you do if you were suddenly the owner of an antique doll? what if said doll could move, and what&#39;s this! the doll has snow white hair, golden eyes and strange markings upon his face? ~le gasp!~

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