• Current Age: 19
  • Current Residence: Usa
  •  sizing preference: 18
  • Print preference: matt
  • Interests: i love to draw and write and doodle. i make comics al the time but am to lazy to post 'em anywh
  • Favourite movie: i like zombies and clones and dessert islands
  • Favourite band or musician: blue october, the fray, sia, vanessa carlton, evenecence
  • Favourite style or digital art: i like water colors and crayons, im no good with markeres.
  • Operating System: I dont like using photoshop so i try to stick with basic paint, if i use something else i'll say so
  • MP3 player of choice: i have a small silver sansa clip
  • Favourite game: any and all harvest moons except rune factory. ohh! and wii boxing :heart:  and layton  >u<
  • Favourite gaming platform: game cube, wii, my ds is pastel pink~
  • Favourite cartoon character: videl, gohan, shin chan, petter grifin
  • Personal Quote: "even the most beautiful flower will one day wither and die"

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