well for one thing my Bday isn' the 12 of june. you see in australia we right our dates like this:


so that says "6th of december"

i forgot that its backwards in america haha. my bad...


moving on...


I LOVE ANIME AND MANGA. love it. adore it.

fav's are Tsubasa chronicles, cardcaptor sakura and fruits basket. also quite a huge fan the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. i'd love to live in japan one day.

In saying that i love video games as well. RPG's like Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy are probably my fav's....also i love playing the sims two (Moi hahaha. ruin there lives!)

If i could met any artists in the world it would be the artists on CLAMP because i love them so.

I'm not to crash hot at drawing my own originals yet...so for now i copy the images

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