Hello there, my name is Destinie but some people call me Venus. I am a 23-year-old anime inspired digital artist. I've been drawing since I can remember, but I've only started sharing my work on the internet for about two or three years. I've only been doing digital work for about a year and half, but I really enjoy it.

I have never gone to school for art, and I am mostly self trained except for learning by watching other artists.

My biggest project is my comic, Sanguem Deus. I probably won't post the actual comic here, but I will post concept art. The idea of Sanguem Deus has been with me for ten years and the past five years this project has been assisted by my fiancee. Together we're hoping to bring this story and world to the public and we hope that you will enjoy it.

Other than Sangue Deus art, I also enjoy doing the occasional fan art. My biggest fandom obessesions are Sasori from Naruto, Kuja from FF9, Albel Nox from SO3, and Gin from Bleach.

Until I can think of something more to say, this will be all. :)

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