Hey my friends!

OK, so in the last 3  years I have been putting several online comics up. I am just now reaching the end of my comic, Praying for Obsolescence (http://pfo.comicdish.com) and am in that quiet period when all I am doing is putting the last pages up. You will notice most of my work revolves around the characters Jeri, Xandyr and Calim, a new character.  But I will occasionally put up other characters.  I am working on a new comic with them, PFO Book II : Oasis, which is a continuation of the PFO universe but on a moon with a small utopian society,

I am going to try my hand at Anthro... not cubs just legal ages. A couple of my favorite artists do them and I really want to try to see if I can as well, so look for that provided that is ok with the Terms of Service.

I would like to post a comic here as well based on one I started sometime ago. So we will have to see.

I am on Twitter @pojuwolf

And my art site is listed above but Ill repeat it here : http://pfowolf.tumblr.com

Personal Data :

  • Currently single/divorced/looking 
  • Retired/disabled
  • Orientation : Gay

Born July 19th, 1956 in Columbia, Missouri 


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