Tributes: Voidrae Tribute 1: Technology

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Tributes for Effigy burning.

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Chapter 1: Voidrae Tribute 1: Technology

As the night fell over the looming castle by the lake a large creature stirred. Its sharp hooked beak opened wide in a yawn and lava-like drool dripped from its corrupted jaws. It shook its body feathers ruffling then stilling before it opened its deranged eyes. Its head turned towards the window seeing the full moon in its full glory. A maddened smile crossed the beast's maw. "Ah Night has arrived. It is time to continue my search." Rumbled the beast's deep growl. He stood slowly spreading large fluffed feathered wings wide in a long luxurious stretch before lowering them to his sides. He took a heavy step forward, loving how his claws scraped against the cold stone floor. He strode along looking around his humble abode before pushing open the heavy double black oak doors to his Library. He was followed by a rather fluffy Corva. He had invited her from her equally creepy woods to accompany him on his journey. Her brown feathers blended into the dark castle walls. Her browns had cresent markings that looks like little earrings. "I do hope we find this plant for you Effigy. It sounds wonderful." Said Emolias the Royal Corva.

"We shall. We have two of us looking. We shall succeed." He mused in his deep gravelly voice looking at the tiny corva beside him. She was interesting and dark like him. She was interesting to him.

Maps and books sprawled all over the place. He clacked his claws as he stepped over to the table and nestled down with a vicious-looking claw hooking over the map. Such delicate paper for such a dangerous beast. His crazed eyes look over a map feverishly. What he was looking for was considered by many to be impossible to be found. An ingredient so rare it was considered lost to all Wyvera. Yet he looked for he needed this rare beauty. It had no name anymore but he had narrowed the search down to a single area. The area was dangerous. Treacherous many would say. However, due to the need for this ingredient, he would risk it.  He grabbed a book reading more about this item. He mused to himself. "Why write a book about something no one believes exists? Ha fools every one of those nonbelievers. It will be mine. And I will use it to make my dream come true." He growled. He pondered over these maps for hours with Emolias reading things out to him at random intervals. She did help a lot "I do hope we find this thing. It looks beautiful. I may have to steal some" She teased him.

"You'd dare steal from me, little princess?" He crooned darkly to her but there was a hint of amusement there. A small sparkle in those maddened eyes.


They read and marked important things down trying to narrow his search further. Alas, the sun was rising so tonight they would have to retire. He yawned again. More magmatic drool dripping from his vile maw. He stood and gave another stretch. This one gets the stiffness out of his joints from sitting too long. He stood slowly and shook out his melanistic and black feathers before opening the doors again and walking out of the library to his large nest with Emolias following him. He directed her to the guest room where he kept his pet Piebald Basilisk. As he settled into his nest he knew he would find this place. He would find his ingredient. But not today. Today he will rest. For the day hurt his eyes. The sun was a blistering beast upon his demented gaze. He settled into his nest after drawing the blinds. Tomorrow the search for his prize would continue. Then the journey would begin.


Days of pouring over maps and reading books passed. The maniacal bird and his partner growing ever more frustrated the longer this took. Too many possible locations swam in the crazed eyes of the large frilled Gryph and annoyed the small Corva. Rage slowly built until he cast aside the books in a fit of rage and went for a break. Why could he not have a simple flower? One he needed for his next step. Annoyance flared on his maw as he left the library to rest his frenzied mind. "Come on Effigy. You are brilliant. Why is it so hard to find this flower? You need this." He grumbled to himself. He glanced over at a single large wall with a terrarium that would make a common bird jealous. Inside resting lay his Piebald Basilisk lay basking under its precious heat lamp he had scoured days for. He calmly approached the tank and nestled by the beast. "Oh, Lisk. I wish you could help me with this egregious task. But this is monumental a task for me to fail." He mused to the snake. He often talked to the long beast. It comforted him. He dropped in a large beast that would be easy prey for the long slender serpent before standing and returning to the books and maps that Emolias had picked up for him and neatly stacked again. He nodded to her in approval before turning back to the books. They poured over them again narrowing down his search more and more with each pass. He turned his gaze again to the sky. Why was the night so short? Why did it have to end so fast? The daylight hurt him. It messed with his ringed eyes. They shrank against the rising sun causing him to flee his library. Curse the sun. Curse it all! It was impeding his progress. He should invest in some black-out curtains for the Library. Torchlight was much nicer on the eyes. He grumbled and curled up in his dark nest once more. The beast closed its eyes praying soon that he would complete his quest. But would he is the question. A burning question just like his name suggested. 


More hours and more days later they had narrowed it down to finally three locations. All within days' flights of each other. A smile curled on his jagged maw. "Soon my dear flower you will be mine. So very soon. Now we must get packing. I need to make sure I only move at night. Of course, I should take Lisk. He can surely help me with catching much needed food. And it will be good for him to have a few days out of that tank." Effigy mused.

"I do agree with that. He is a very interesting beast to be around. Very calm for his species."  Emolias smiled at Effigy. One would think she is crazy for even trusting a crazy bird like him but he wasn't that bad. After all, she was considered a beast too.

"Good now rest Emolias. Tomorrow we head out." He said. He shooed her off. He stood up and stretched out his stiff and sore body. Too much sitting was bad for anyone including a demon amongst the castles that lay littered along the lands. He picked his happily. Made it his own. Now, this castle would be made into a potions factory. He, however, would only sell to those with true issues. Not petty issues or false lies. He may be a corrupted old bird but he was not entirely cruel. He stepped out onto the night sky balcony and looked at the moon. He nestled down to watch it calmly. "My beauty moon. I have found my prize. You shall guide me to it." He grinned. He stood when he saw it dipping too low for his liking. With a wicked smirk across the mangled maw of the beast, he walked back into his castle and got ready for his journey.


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