Tributes: Voidrae Tribute 3: Arcane

Published Aug 22, 2022, 7:40:53 PM UTC | Last updated Aug 22, 2022, 7:40:53 PM | Total Chapters 3

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Tributes for Effigy burning.

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Chapter 3: Voidrae Tribute 3: Arcane

Effigy had taken a few days' rest after replanting the flower into Lisk's tank. He could tell by the content look on his face that he thoroughly enjoyed sleeping under the long red tendrils the flowers gave off. A smile graced his maw with pure joy. He had found the flower. Emolias stood beside him watching the beast enjoy the new flower. She smiled at him. However, now it was time to get started. The flower now needed to be changed to grow in the dark and he knew of a potion that would require the same flower to make. He wanted them to grow over him again. He went into Lisk's tank feeding him while he was in there and took a single tendril of the blood-red flowers. He stepped out of the tank and carried it to his deep underground lab with Emolias following him down. She looked around as they went down and through a steel door. Here he could work for days on end due to how dark it was. Lit purely by glow dust he had found while exploring long before he had Lisk. He grabbed stones and set them in a circle in the center of his room. He used smaller ones to close in the gaps of the larger ones. The last thing Effigy needed was a fire to happen in his home after finding his precious flower. 

He flinched as a memory seared through his head. A voice shouting but its words were lost to him now. He remembered the voice. It was his master. He shook his head. "My home will never be ash and ember again." He vowed. He had seen the look of confusion on Emolias' face but again he'd tell her later. He carefully arranged logs in the correct pattern and set the heavy cast iron cauldron on top of them. He calmly filled it with a blood-red liquid that was more than likely blood. He hummed and grabbed a stick and set it on fire with friction then put it on the rest of the logs. He looked around his place and gathered ingredients. Some new from his trip to find the Love Lie Bleeding. Some old needing to be used. He calmly took out a dusty old book and laid it on a pedestal beside the cauldron. He turned the pages delicately as he could. He would rewrite the book after this. It had seen many years of his potion making. Potions to clean the castle faster. Potions to heal his and Lisk's wounds. Potions to make caves. You name it he's made it. Crazed eyes scanned the old dusty pages inscribed with text. He loved how beautifully it had been written and hoped to do it justice. 

"Eye of the Shadow Anaruq." He muttered and dropped one into the now boiling blood-red liquid after Emolias had handed it to him. Such a good little assistant she made. Not squeamish. He stirred it thrice in a counter-clockwise action then twice in a clockwise. He hummed as he watched the viscous liquid slowly turn a deeper red. He grinned excitedly at that then glanced over at the book. "Feather of Rummage Griff." He hummed. Emolias carefully extracted a feather and handed it to him. He dropped that into the pot. He turned it twice counterclockwise then thrice clockwise as per instructed.  Excitement coursed through his veins as he made the potion. To feel like a chick again would be wonderful. Emolias blew on the flames with a talon-powered blower to keep the temperature up when she saw the flames slowly fading down.  He hummed and moved to grab the next jar for the potion. "Eggs of the Webspinner." He muttered. "But only three. Only three." Emolias nodded and carefully extracted three and set them in the waiting claw of Effigy's. He dropped them in and left it to boil as it said. 

He enjoyed the little sounds of the bubbles that came off the boiling liquid. He sighed thinking about the last time he had been happy. It was a long time ago. Too long ago. He had been resting under the massive Love Lies Bleeding bush as he usually did to rest out of the blistering sun. He would have opened a yellow eye to his master tending to the garden. Forget-me-nots and Yellow roses growing around them. Vines overhead. But he was taken away from the memory at the timer. He shook his head and grabbed a vial and put it to his eye. "Tear of the broken." He said and produced a single tear before dropping it in. He stirred it slowly and morosely as he let the memory of his last day with his master flood his mind. This was part of it. A proof of the broken memory. He remembered landing in that garden to nothing but ash and embers. Picking them up with his wing claw. The pain of rage and loss still stabbed at his heart. He hated those humans who dared take his master. He had found them later and torn them to shreds in pure rage and corruption. They paid for the monster they made. He cleared his mind to stop himself from breaking his stirring stick. He glanced over at Emolias who looked deeply concerned about how he had done that so easily. He gave her a small crooked smile of reassurance. He pulled out his stirring stick and held the Love Lies Bleeding in his claw stroking it fondly before dropping it in. "A flower whose colors bleed like love." He said lastly. The words were beautiful to Emolias who smiled forgetting her concern as she watched him touch the flower like it was a friend.

He mixed until the viscous liquid turned into a beautiful impossible mix of blacks and reds. He carefully scooped the liquid into vials. He marked them and labeled them as Night Bloom potions and showed Emolias how to do the same. He set them in their keeping case before he grabbed another. A growth potion. He went back up with Emolias in tow and took a cutting of the plant in Lisk's tank before planting it above the window in his room. He placed both potions into the planter first then planted the flower. Joy coursed through the old corrupted bird heart as the plant grew to mammoth size and covered his nest in those lovely red tendrils. He rubbed his cheek against the soft bundles. A gave a purr of content as he climbed into his nest and nestled into the fronds of flowers and leaves. He closed his eyes contentedly. He dreamed of the happier days of his life. The soft touches of his master and the wonderful food he always got from him. Of course, he knew these dreams wouldn't last long. He breathed in the scent of the flowers deeply. He had let Emolias rest beside him. He could feel how content she was to sleep under the plants too.

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