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thanks! the balance was maintained with her tail

on Veshra Ashran


on Death

I was wondering when someone would point out the 'dress!' I'll spare you the elaboration, but [BROWWAGGLING INTENSIFIES]

on Outdoors

I like the dog, sorta spooky but still cute. The bushes in the back are also nicely done~

on A quiet night

I like the way you handled her face in this, it has a lot of personality but also still is distinctively equine.

on Death

The colors were a lot of fun to work with, for sure! Thanks Smile

on Paths We Wander


on Ivory Leaf

Yes, it's posted on several sites. I'm also uploading it here, but it's in the 18 section. :p

on A quiet night

Thanks so much!!! I think I love pencils (charcoal) the best but I had to develop a light touch to get the results I's kinda hard for me to be delicate. LOL


Neat! Do you have your comic up anywhere? We have a web comics section here by the way.

on A quiet night