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Thanks for you comment! Greetings from Germany Smile

on Looking out of the window

Thank you for your helpful comment. Greetings from Germany Smile

on Looking out of the window

Thank you!

on Character Concept Sketch(?) 1

Ah thank you for pointing that out. I'll practice the legs and hands more

on 35 min study

what i meant was feeling less "mushy" like there are actually bones holding up the figure.

on 35 min study

oh yeah it's helped a lot. Also what helped is coming to terms with my perfectionism and realizing how much that was holding me back. I'm not able to get the drawing practice in every day but still getting it in every other day which makes a difference. It's really helping!

on figure studies day 1

Thank you very much. It went better than I expected.

on Shin-Ah´s Mask

This is a beautiful drawing. I love the delicate strokes, the grass in front of the mask, and the texture of the mask. nicely done!

on Shin-Ah´s Mask

Yeah, it actually happened to him. Poor Mitsumabaru got a little drunk when he appeared in a sake glass, and then was almost eaten by Yori when he showed up in her soup. Laughing

on Mitsumabaru

Thanks! He was by far the best thing of the anime, and I thought it was unfair they remained forgotten. Smile

on Mitsumabaru

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