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Completed: Sep 15, 2007

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Elf and companion searching the ruins of a ancient city.

Painted in Photoshop.

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mmmh, a man with long black hair. what is better than that! Smile

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I'm really liking the gloomy atmosphere/background. It really makes the character stand out. And I like the fur texture on the dog.

"One step closer and my sword shall find a new sheath."

Lael quote


| Rank: Minstrel | Points: 195

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I love his hair! and nice job on the dog Smile

| Rank: Goblin | Points: 40

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I love the dog, he is so cute! and i like how youve payed atttention to the small details in the background, lovely colouring too!

| Rank: Gargoyle | Points: 70

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A beautiful artpiece, bravo!

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