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Galleries: Chibis Dragon Ball Z Finished Work Teen Female (14-19)

Tags: trunks


Completed: May 6, 2006

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Kat Scratch

Hehe we'll get tired soon ! ♥

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Hahahah... ROFL ROFL ROFL This is hillarious!!!Yey! Heart you`re awesome hun! ROFL

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Laughing Love the drawing! But you're treading on shaky ground, for Trunks is mine! Evil Hehehe, I can share. Smile Welcome aboard, and if you ever have any questions, feel free to get a hold of anyone here! We're a pretty good bunch of people here. Upsidedown

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lol This is so funny and cute! Big Smile You look like you have real promise as an artist, just keep drawing! Thumbs Up


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Aw! SO cute! Welcome to PaperDemon.com! How do you like it here so far? You may want to introduce yourself in the Forums.


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