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Huyana Jaganshi

Inspired by listening to the song "Perfect" this morning...it made me think of Kuroko and Kuronue's Father/Son relationship now compared to what it used to be...this is from a wierd dream I had...Kuronue had left, and Kuroko thought it was his fault...so he tried to become stronger and make himself a better son...he was crying when it started to rain, while he was out training with his scythe saying "WHAT DID I DO WRONG?!?!?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO!?!?!" I remember I did that once...I was outside, during summer playing in a tree, it had started to rain, my Dad was gone...on some business trip in Seattle...I was so sad...I feel for you, Kuro-chan...

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Nice background. I would have made him you know close his eyes to add a more like dramatic effect. Cuz when I scream it's usually like killing mah lungs so I close mah eyes to ignore the pain and then the tears come out....
Lmao, No, but the outfit is realli nice and I like the colouring job.
Laughing Keep up the good work.

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