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I'll be posting mostly traditional artworks primarly from my phone. And since I'm back into YuGiOh you'll be seeing those quite often. I'll be posting art and fanfiction in that category, althou8gh they've been on and deviantart and tumblr already. But I'll be posting those anyways. My goal is to get at least some attention and maybe make friends along the way.

if you want to follow me on the following websites I'll be more than glad~ Embarrassed

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Relatively Appearing 👀

Posted by alexandritedragoness

Heyo, long time no see!


So uh, yeah, I think I'm gonna post some "interesting" drawings I have here for now on.

Ever since Tumblr changed their policy I had no other way to post my work. I didn't want to use my twitter or make a whole new twitter account just for posting my stuff.

I think this would be the best plce to post my work (for now).

If you know any other laternatives plz let me know! I'm open to opportunities!~

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