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Chapter 1 - Who Am I?

Posted by Miriam-chan

Hello everyone who may be reading this.

My name is Miriam and of course like all of you around here I've also got a knack for being quite creative as aside from making videos for the last 9 years and now as of currently for the YouTube channel that I have been running for pretty much a year now.


I also like to spend my time going to my Blogger blogs (which contain pretty much written stories both fictional and not from me) and often upload entries to the blogs or stories really.


However I now that I have an account for here as my friend Yuri had suggested to me just yesterday that I should come here and of course I created an account as aside from wanting to support them in any way that I can as I have in a way.

I can also take a moment to upload some of my own works which are mainly stories as I'm not really an artist like my friend is.


But writing in a way is still art so...


Can't really shoot that down I suppose.




End Of Chapter 1

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