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Aaw, tis a pleasure to be of support and being a fan girl of yours! Aaaw, it was really cool to read!

on Flame Knight (scrapped)

Thankyou again for your continued support, and being my little fangirl! =^.^= 💕 Glad you like the backstory behind my watermark signature too! Sweet of you to reblog it. :3 💕

on Flame Knight (scrapped)

Definitely, you can totally do it!(I mean I always believed you can anyway. *smiles*) Absolutely, I think it's both pretty and really cute, the kitten with wings :3 Kawaiii! Big Smile Sureeeeeeeee I would love to hear the story behind it Smile

on Flame Knight (scrapped)

Thanks for reading, Sweetie! 💕 I can look back at this, and reassure myself that I am able to draw pages after all! (Which is the biggest fear I have when I think about future webcomics; not being able to draw pages.) Also I'm so happy you like my watermark signature! Tbh I totally forgot about it until just now, and tis indeed prettty cute! 💕 Wanna hear the story behind it?

on Flame Knight (scrapped)

This was pretty cool to check out, thank you very much for sharing. Also, your watermark signature is really pretty :smile: Heart

on Flame Knight (scrapped)


on Chaotic Nation

lol I love it you are an awesome artist.

on Jaded

Aww thanks <3

on -Short Changed-

You are completely right about that it is very pretty

on One Piece at a Time

August-this isn't really a question but are you having a good day I hope you are I'll let you get back to whatever you doing

on One Piece at a Time