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The Iron Wizard Volume I


A cyborg wizard falls from the sky, landing in a pond behind a expert mechanic's house. After being rescued by the mechanic from drowning, he introduces himself only to find that he can barely remember who he is, and how he fell from the sky anyway.

Together they embark on an epic journey filled with adventure, robots, magic, masked wizards, dragons and islands in the sky, as they try to find the answers to his now forgotten past.

So begins the story of Rucipher, The Iron Wizard.

Chapter 01: Out of the Blue

Chapter 02: Learn to Fly

Chapter 03: Challenge Appears

Chapter 04: The Iron Horse

Chapter 05: Left Hand of Magic

Chapter 06: Mask of memory

Chapter 07: Start your engines

Chapter 08: Key Crunch


2570 Arofa Tamahn Primary Artist


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Action Adventure Fantasy Original Comics Sci-Fi


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