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Paper Demon OC Party!


Paper Demon's FIRST Original Character party- open for ANYONE to join! Come have fun, let all your characters relax in out budgetless mansion that looks however we want it to!

Submit your OCs profile to this forum here!!


  1. All submissions must have atleast one character that isn't yours
  2. All fanarts must be in the form of moving plushie dolls and only accompanying Original characters from two artists/writers
  3. You don't need to draw your own OC, as long as the owner is cool, and there's still two different owners characters
  4. Submission can be single page strips, full page, or even sprites- ANY sort of art
  5. All newbees must sign into my attendance forum with a description and picture of the character at the party!

Please note me ( ArkillianDragon ) with your submissions. Don't worry if they're out of order with what is posted. Just go ahead and have some fun!! Dance

Oh- and wholler for PD wear!! Keep BogusRed's cheque book out of the red! Two very cool tees as worn by the chibis Wink

The Party Begins!!

The Party begins. You're in a house with heaps of cool people of all shapes and sizes. You want a bean bag to sit on? It's there. You want a BMW to cruise around in? Be our guest!

Just have fun, and try not to be too naughty Wink

(If we are, I'll move this comic to RC)


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