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Returned from death, the last taijiya sets about doing what he does best. But for his steed, the youkai Kirara, matters are not so simple. [set after the manga--some manga spoilers.]

Mesu no Yamainu

This is all drawn in Sketcher (or Gimp if I get booted before I'm done) and is intentionally quick, sketchy and sloppy. I want to get into the rhythm of telling a story, and not get bogged down by perfectionism.

The story takes place a few years after the end of the manga. [spoilers ahead!] Kohaku, having been given a second chance at life by Kikyou, and a shiny new weapon by Toutousai, goes off trying to help as many people as he can by slaying youkai, with the help of his old friend Kirara.

Some artistic liberties were taken, like Kohaku having his hair down because I like it that way, and Kirara's character design has been slightly tweaked. (She also seems a bit smaller than in canon--whenever I drew her that huge, it looked wrong.) Hopefully you can still tell who everyone is.

Title is the negative form of "kieru," meaning to vanish, to fade, or disappear. So it could be translated as "Don't Disappear" or "Not Disappearing." The command Kagome gave the Shikon no Tama was "Kienasai!" ("Disappear!" In the sense of no longer existing.) But the Shikon no Tama wasn't the only thing on its way out of existence...


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