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Destiny is not written in broad brushstrokes, but in the smallest daily decisions. One small quirk of fate can forever alter the universe. Watch what happens when Mary Jane Watson, instead of Peter Parker, is accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider.

Disclaimer: This is a fancomic. All characters involved belong to Marvel Comics. I just use them for my own twisted purposes.

Full Credits:

Written by Yours Truly, the Master Planner, posted with the express permission of her hired collaborators:

Penciled and Inked by the artist known as ayattousai (http://ayattousai.deviantart.com)

Colored and Lettered by the artist known as Terrible Doll (http://terrible-doll.deviantart.com)

This comic was truly a team effort and of course it would be reprehensible of me to fail to give credit where it's due. So go visit their pages and show them the love too.


4212 The Master Planner Primary Artist


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