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Ah, last year I started doing my own comic series and have been trying to keep up with it. I went on hiatus after last Halloween but I'm deciding to start it up again now that I have more free time.

The lead characters are Anne, Joe, Louie, D'anne, and Ross. It's more of a slice of life, humor sort of setting where the characters are adjusting to post-college working life in suburbia.

Started in 2007.

Done in Illustrator and Photoshop.




This is the beginning of my No Biscuit Comic.

Here are some details about the characters:

- Anne, who is a disgruntled designer and wishes she could live off writing. She's engaged to Joe and has moved from rural Illinois into suburbia.

Likes: comics, anime, shopping, animals
Dislikes: Republicans, Fundies, onions, and soccer moms
Weaknesses: cute things, bad pop music, ice cream, and Barack Obama

Joe, Anne's fiance who's even more cynical than she is. He's a slave to his work, but actually kinda enjoys his thankless job. He's quite a sweet guy when he's not being inappropriate.

Likes: Chicago Bears, porn, video games, his dog Malachy
Dislikes: religion, cats, The Green Bay Packers, and pretty much all of Anne's music
Weaknesses: Little Caesar's Pizza, Hamm's beer, crappy horror movies, and shows about people getting hurt

D'Anne, who's the new girl in town after capturing Louie's heart. She's originally from Kansas, but came to the suburbs and got a job as a chemist.

Likes: Buffy reruns, Pina Coladas, video games, and frisbee golf
Dislikes: mean people, an emptry drink, bad friends, and sexism
Weaknesses: anything Italian, Gears of War, a good bottle of wine

Louie, one of Joe's oldest college buddies and best friends. He's an engineer, and actually he's kind of a quiet yet funny guy in a subtle way. He's a proud Italian American and loves Chicago.

Likes: cars, playing guitar, sports, and Big Foot
Dislikes: Hippies, people touching his hair, whoever is playing against the Chicago Bears
Weaknesses: his Mustang, D'Anne, Japanese swords, and monkeys smoking cigarettes

Ross, not to be confused with that pussy on "Friends". He's the single one of the group, and works as a web designer for a down town marketing company, where he has seen his fair share of stupidity up close, often contributing to his rage. He's the self-proclaimed 'funny one' of the group.

Likes: Classic Rock, whiskey, good-looking women, and winning at anything
Dislikes: almost everything else
Weaknesses: deranged hot women, sex, Jack and Coke, and smart-mouthed Super Heroes




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