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The Cure


I was in an original character tournament on DA and got to round 3 before getting gloriously pwned. These entries have some of my best storytelling, in my opinion, not my best art though.

It follows my character Oakley as he gets sucked into a portal to a secluded Island overrun by physical manifestaions of the worlds deadliest diseases: Cancer, Malaria, Insomnia, And Lou Gerhig's disease (Louie). The worst part is that he wasn't the only one brought to that island. He must fight to return to his home and try and not lose his sanity on the way.


Featuring characters created by: Icymasamune, Chisuukei, DoodlesandDayDreams, Nerinokukai, and Mr. TeaAndCrumpets


Jilly Jilly Primary Artist


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Action Adventure Angst General Original Comics Sci-Fi


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