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 St.Valentine's private academy is known for it's high ranking religious academics, services, students, and the infamous gang: De Angeli Della Via, or The Street Angels.  De Angeli are known throughtout the underground as a ruthless pack willing to do anything to anybody to get their way, even murder.  Their main target has always been La Noir Croix Nightschool, the incredibly exclusive school for 'gifted' students who don't study average academics but assassination skills and other strange subjects.  De Angeli want nothing more than to close down and kill everybody attending this school of sin, even if it means going against the school's most notorious student, Zombie, who's just trying to get to the bottom of why the two schools are warring.  


Kyung Kyung Primary Artist


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Action Adventure Fantasy Original Comics Teen Female (14-17) Teen Male (14-17) Young Adult Male (18-40)


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