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Broly  The Legend Reborn.


My Version of Movie 11 "Bio Broly".

Broly, the Legendary Super Saiyan was defeated in a battle at the hands of Kakarotto and his sons as they were aided by the power of the seven dragonballs. With one final super attack, Broly was sent to the sun, where he met his end. That was it for Broly.. or so they thought....

Android 18 wants her payback for losing the world martial arts tournament on purpose against Hercule. So she is demanding the money from him.... NOW. But Hercule (who 'does'nt have the money right now' ) has been called to a sudden unexpected 'other' tournament, so.. the determined-to-get-her-payment Android follows him along, refusing to stop bugging him about it.
Without 18's or Hercule's knowing it, the trouble making young Saiyans, Trunks and Goten follow the two along, seeing what new adventures will unfold.

Soon they find themselves inside of a facilty (a very crappy drawn building <<; *kupo can't design good buildings* ), where the 'tournament' would take place. Without them knowing it, deep below the facility waits a monster... a deadly destructive being of increcible power is resting. .. just waiting for the perfect moment to decide when it is time.. time to reintroduce himself.. time to show all .. that Legendary Super Saiyan has become Reborn!!!


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