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This is an unfinished comic I did back in the days when I was in school and had a BIG thing for DBZ (still have a thing for DBZ,but it's not as big) so excuse the quality. The story is based at the end of the Z saga, when everything is back to peace again.

Or is it?

It's a cross over also with an old version of Dragon Twins, but you wont get to find that out cause I didn't finish it ^^

Anyone that DOES want to finish it, I have the script all set out. PM me and I'm MORE than happy to hand over the challenge ^^ IT's a good story. I just... lost interest in finishing it. Got other prioritys ^^

The birth of  the god Chaos in my other storys, cause one of my friends loved that character sooo much ^^

Dende's Plan

The inspiration for this whole story is this whole situation here with Dende- what happens when gods get bored? I mean, Dende is use to a pretty awesome job. He gets to watch the Saiyans beat the snot out of bad guys every now and then... what of the peacfull area?

What if the bad stuff was happening cause an elder god thought it was entertaining?

Excuse the scanning- I had a hand scanner back in these days and it was BAD. I could only work on A5 cause otherwise I spent days sewing together each scan I did. And it did UPTO 400dpi. REAL slowly.

I scan at 600dpi now easily. I love my flatbed scanner ^^

Instant no transmission

OMG- what do I say? That is one BIG cake!! And Roshi.... only way to get him there was with dancing girls?! AHHHH!!!! SO IN CHARACTER!!! Dance

Some things never die away ^^

Birthday blues

LOL! I couldn't do Chaos appearing ^^ HEheh... Um yeah... Some cleaner art as I get better at the style... specially the last page I did ages after the ones before. And you can tell where my nice skinny pen died and I needed to use my thick one *dies* DOOMYNESS!!! *shakesfist*

I love Chaos in this ^^ He's so cocky ^^


Gohan has a new move that KICKS SS3 ASS!!!

Nuff said. :3

Power a wind up toy?

The enamy approaches.... Who is this Drakobitus? And the guy in the cage?!

Three guesses?

Yes- it's Alex ^^

The News on the News

This one is the last chapter I INKED of this story. I think I have another two pencilled pages, butthis is all I have scanned.

LOVE Bulma in the first panel. She is soooooo spazz >: )

It also brought forward the utter coolness of Super saiyan penako. OMG- I was BURNING when I thought that up XD Seriously!

Hate Videl though- never got her right till waaaay after this comic Sad


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