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Nest of Hearts: Underage


A short strip for my ersonal story, Nest of Hearts. The characters shown here are Darion (brown), Afris (lighter wingless green), Lorrai (color changing green), and Hyūra (wingless dark green). They're all close to the same age, so they they spend a lot of time together and are good friends, but are all in different classes due to the little age difference there is between them. Anyways, this is what happens when they come across a unsupervised alchemy room, in which there are chemicals, herbs, and other makings for potential potions. This will only be two pages long, since it is just a comic short, so be warned. It's mostly for helping me practice comic making for the main NoH comic, which is still in the works.
    This was done with chameleon, faber-castell, and sharpie markers, and took me around a week to do.

Art and story belong to me. Don't steal.


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