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How I Came To Live Here


A series of comics on how I came to be living in Aylesbury and working for ESRI UK, drawn as & when I feel like it.

The so-called narrative will probably wander all over the place as ideas occur, and I have no idea how far back I'll end up going as I think of bits of the story I'd like to tell.

I should also mention this - these are drawn in pen, with no more planning than "I'm going to draw this bit next", so when I make a mistake, I'm stuck with it. Hopefully I'll get better as time goes on, but I want to avoid having a bunch of pencil sketches that aren't quite good enough to ink yet.

Two Months and Two Weeks and Three And A Half Hours

This is about the job application and interview process; It's me trying to get the story down in something other than rambling prose, hopefully in a funny way.


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