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The Dawn of The Longnecks


Petal has always known that she was alone, ever since she was an eggling she was raised by a raptor of some kind. The only thing is, she never saw another of her kind nor does she know what type of sauropod she is. The only thing that she does know is that her kind went missing mysteriously. Now Pestal must go and find the answers to find out what had happened to them. During the journeys, it will be rough as there are many foes out there, and of course predators.

Note from the author: This comic was started in 2020 and will be continued this year! This comic is also on Deviant art.


Page 1 Petal's Story

I only have this page done since last year , due to still working on Pestal's full reference and the other characters, but don't be disappointed! The comic will progress in Feb. Smile Stay tuned!

Also hope you all can read this alright, I do a bit better with comics I swear! Just been having trouble with bgs at that time.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the comic so far, and if you cannot read the text for some odd reason... here is what the script is:



Script from page 1: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Text shows: " Hello , my name is Pestal and I am an longneck, I am not sure what kind or where my family is. But all I know is I been alone for a long time. "

Shows a scene where she walks off to some where, maybe walking along a river?
" But thankfully that changed when Selia found me. She been my mother since she found my egg, funny story my egg was stolen, hmm guess more of a sad story isn't it? "

Shows her at a cliff as the sun slowly raises up.

" Don't worry noyone gotten hurt, you see the egg thief I heard only took me and wanted to do with something with me, not to eat me but to keep me as a pet or for some short of crazy army he had going on? Anyway he is died now and my story, well it has only just begun.  "






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