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Well, I've read all that you have, so I guess I'll post my comments now. ^^ I think the cover needs work. It doesn't seem as well finished as the comic itself, but maybe you intended it that way, I dunno. Slant That's the only thing I see wrong so far, though. You're artwork is awesome, and the construction (Yeah, that bif word I can't even spell. Laughing ) of the comic itself is very well put together. ^.^ The plot...well, I haven't quite gathered that yet. Laughing Which is fine. Randomness works for me. So, all in all, Thumbs Up Nice job!

WOW. That was my first thorough analysis in a while. *whoo!* Laughing

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Grin Laughing If I were one of those judges you would have most definately gotten the prize, I am really liking your sence of humor ROFL


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