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“Where does Bēah go at school when not in classes?”

Classes, or lessons as the young dragons call them, happen on the island known as Central. She’s been old enough to attend lessons for a good harsnus (dragon unit of age) or so, which certainly is long enough for her to form habits and areas of preference. As seen by the two “paths,” there are two major places she ends up in... on peaceful days, she makes her way to a specific perch in the Sky Lift. On less peaceful days, she ends up in a disciplinary office, usually after a good bandaging! I feel that I’ve shown too many pictures of her acting like a punk but chilling out that some may not have realized that she will actually start fights with little to no provocation, so here you go Smile She’s literally a regular at that part of Central, almost all the people working that office know her by name.


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