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Artist's Comments

I got the idea for this while walking. I saw a trash tote, the kind you take out for the garbage truck, but it was maybe 1/2 or 1/3 the size of a normal one, which was super funny to me, and I thought about who would be the oldest of my kids that could fit in it, and this thought hit me. This isn't one of the asks, but I figured I'd put it here because it fits.

This is my ball of savagery whom I have not drawn nearly enough of, Bēah! (The arm belongs to Lorraise) Had the green gal not slapped that lid close soon enough, an arm full of wyvern teeth would not be an surprising thing to get. Bēah, like Lorrai, changes scale hue, but unlike the former, only along the grey value scale and across all of her body. She gets darker in states of lower emotional energy and lighter in higher ones- not to be mistaken with happy vs upset moods. She's a ton of fun to draw, since I get a chance to include more spunk and aggression in pieces where she's involved. 

Art and character belong to me. Do not repost, thanks!


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