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This is actually the alternate version of the cover we had originally intended. In my gallery is the "Hero throw" original, which we decided was just too bulky and wasn't well thought through with consideration to title, credits. This is the first issue where we really wanted to take the art to a higher level.


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Man, I love the ink work for this comic. Yeah I'm a complete sucker for black&white comics and yours really rocks. Lovin' the random acts of violence and absurd humor keep it up and you got yourself a fan!

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Whoa, heh, definitely have never seen anything like this before! Actually, I liked it, my very favorite part being the "I created the whole goth thing" and the Kool-Aid reference. That was fantastic. Looking forward to more of your comic Corky Smile

"I like hearing myself talk. It is one of my greatest pleasures. I often
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